Snow Day Omelet

And just like that it became April! I thought it would be appropriate to share this omelet today because we made it during one of the many February snow days. I think Mother Nature got her calendar a little messed up and had her "fooled ya" day a little early.

Since Patrick was working from home I was able to spend a little more time on our weekday breakfast and prepare this omelet with potato hash.

For the omelet
Whisk together 3 eggs with a splash of milk. Set aside and prepare omelet filling. We used sliced artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, arugula, and goat cheese.

In a small 8" nonstick skillet melt 1 tbsp butter. Once melted add in whisked eggs. With a rubber spatula slowly stir around the pan and sides; once the eggs are beginning to set push the edges of the omelet towards the center and tilt the pan so that any raw egg moves to the outer edges. Then spread the goat cheese over the top of the omelet and top one half of the omelet with the other filling ingredients. Flip the empty half over to top the filling.

For the potato hash
In a small skillet over medium heart warm 1-2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil. Add 1 small diced onion and saute. Once softened add in sliced fingerling potatoes (we had the right amount for two leftover in the pantry). Add salt and pepper and other seasonings if you'd like (we used a little red pepper flake and Italian seasoning blend). Continue to cook until potatoes have softened; do not stir as much to allow the potatoes to get brown and crispy!

 It's Always Caturday
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