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We're done with the food challenge - all 14 weeks of them! Our last week was to only eat unprocessed or minimally processed foods (no food products should contain more than five ingredients). Our CSA couldn't have started at a better time because we were able to use the produce straight from the farm. Patrick had friends in town this weekend for Duke's Alumni weekend. We hosted a big brunch Sunday morning before everyone departed and had a great time!

Week 14: Avoid any and all packaged food products that contain more than five ingredients no matter what ingredients.

Meal Plan for Monday April 13 - Sunday April 19
Monday - Pecan chicken, green bean casserole, couscous 

Tuesday Scallops and grits

Wednesday - Pasta with alfredo sauce, sauteed onions, crab, and peas

Thursday Bok choy salad with rotisserie chicken

Friday Roasted garlic salmon with brussels and sweet potato/rutabaga mash

Saturday - Brunch Bagels with cream cheese, jams and lox

   Dinner El Rodeo 

   Dinner Take & Bake Pizza, salad

Challenge Meal Plan Summary: Week 1 Fruits & Veggie | Week 2 Beverages | Week 3 Meat | Week 4 No Fried Foods | Week 5 New Whole Foods | Week 6 Labeling | Week 7 Grains | Week 8 Internal Cues | Week 9 No Refined / Artifical Sweeteners | Week 10 No Refined / Hydrogenated Oils | Week 11 Locally Grown | Week 12 No Added Sweeteners | Week 13 No Artificial Ingredients | Week 14 5 Ingredients or Less

Be on the lookout for a food challenge summary!

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