Loving Smoothies!

We've mentioned smoothies a few times on the blog before - here and here are a few instances. Just wanted to drop in today with a few thoughts and sharing a new smoothie contraption!

Whenever we make smoothies we layer into the blender yogurt, various fruits, protein powder, sometimes a green leafy vegetable, and then a dairy liquid usually milk these days. My absolute favorite fruit to add to smoothies is pineapple! It adds such a delicate sweetness that I really love so I've been trying to incorporate that more recently. Another recent addition is the green leafy vegetable and that is usually spinach. The past few times we went to Costco we purchased a bag of spinach (and, yes, it's a Costco sized bag of spinach that goes on for days) and the spinach has ended up in the smoothies.

Also when I near the end of the spinach bag I'll blend the raw spinach with a little bit of milk and freeze in our silicone muffin liners to have on hand for the smoothies.

And here are the new smoothie contraptions! I found this set of mason jar lids and straws (slightly different in picture) at Target the other day and we've been able to put our smoothies in mason jars now - trying to cut down on plastic cups!

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