Meal Plan Monday Post

This has been an interesting week for Patrick and myself! We have dubbed April as our month of itchies. We both have some lingering poison ivy issues and, even though Patrick's poison rash is more persistent than mine, I now have some sort of bacterial infection (maybe, turns out I've unknowingly been playing stump the doctor). So we are slowly on the mend (again, maybe) and taking our time in the kitchen with cooking. Don't worry - there's lots of hand washing! Hopefully our itchies are resolved by the end of the week because it will be MAY and only April is the month of itches!!

Meal Plan for Monday April 20 - Sunday April 26

Monday - Eggplant Parmesan, salad

Wednesday - Take and bake pizza, salad 
Thursday - Broccoli cheese soup 
Friday - City Beverage with friends 
Saturday - Breakfast Apple oatmeal pancakes 
   Lunch Chef's salad [Assist from the Harris Teeter salad bar; we had a head of lettuce in the fridge and I picked up toppings during an unorthodox weekend grocery trip]

Sunday - Brunch Quiche with spinach salad 
   Afternoon adventures: Composting class and Patrick's Concert 
   Dinner Crockpot stroganoff

Backyard Snapshot

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