Snacks - How we eat grapes

Today I wanted to share one way Patrick and I have improved our snacking habits. Our food challenge has really made us focus on whole foods and incorporating more fruits and vegetables is one thing we've been doing well. Now I try to always buy more fruit when I'm at the grocery store for us to have on hand for snacks - bananas, pears, and apples work really well for us. I'll also try to snag a few navel oranges to have with breakfast.

One fruit we like but requires a bit of legwork are grapes. Patrick and I both enjoy grapes but if I buy a bag of grapes and stash them in the fridge chances are we may end up with some raisins. womp womp

I really wanted to change that habit! So now when I buy grapes - as soon as I bring them home I wash them and then section them off into 2 cup containers. This is the perfect serving and great for either one of us to grab in the morning!

Grapes for the win!

Do you have any tips or tricks up your sleeve you use to make sure you have healthy snacks available?

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