Meal Plan Monday Post

We're coming into the final two weeks of our food challenge and it's a lot easier to eat healthier with spring produce being plentiful. We had lots of delicious meals this week and cooked everything at home! Our CSA officially starts back this week (I'll be submitting our order this afternoon) and I can't wait for Patrick to start picking up our weekly box of farm goodies. Oh how easier this will make meal planning!

Week 13: Avoid all artificial ingredients including, but not limited to: sweeteners, flavors and colors.

Most everything we cooked didn't contain artificial ingredients since we were using fresh produce so much. Patrick put in extra effort to drink water at work and forego Diet Coke!

Meal Plan for Monday April 6 - Sunday April 12

Monday - Chinese chicken salad

Tuesday - Stuffed peppers with quinoa and turkey

Wednesday - Nacho Night
Thursday - Asparagus orzo

Friday - 20th Month Anniversary Dinner: Salmon with kale salad, carrot cake

Saturday - Breakfast Scrambled egg, whole wheat toast, and fruit 
   Lunch leftovers 
   Dinner Shrimp and avocado spring rolls, soba noodle veggie stir fry

Stir fry prep
Sunday - Breakfast Smoothies 
   Brunch Strawberry Balsamic Crepes with spinach salad and an orange

   Dinner Salmon cakes, kale salad, and squash casserole

It's Always Caturday 
Morning snuggles with Nacho

Challenge Meal Plan Summary: Week 1 Fruits & Veggie | Week 2 Beverages | Week 3 Meat | Week 4 No Fried Foods | Week 5 New Whole Foods | Week 6 Labeling | Week 7 Grains | Week 8 Internal Cues | Week 9 No Refined / Artifical Sweeteners | Week 10 No Refined / Hydrogenated Oils | Week 11 Locally Grown | Week 12 No Added Sweeteners | Week 13 No Artificial Ingredients | Week 14 5 Ingredients or Less

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