Ravioli Maker

Ever since we took a pasta-making class (mentioned here) last year where we got to play with a ravioli maker, Whitney has been interested in one, so I gave her one as a birthday present. We recently had fun using it for the first time by making a ravioli with beet filling. For the filling we mixed up ricotta, roasted beets, salt, pepper, and herbs in the food processor. Here's the breakdown of the process!

Step 1 - Lay pasta across press Step 2 - Push in pocket maker
Step 3 - Take out pocket maker Step 4 - Fill pockets
Step 5 - Cover with second strip of pasta Step 6 - Roll
Step 7 - Turn over Step 8 - Remove the press
Step 9 - Ravioli! Proceed to boil
Step 10 - Enjoy ravioli
The beet ravioli was a big success! We tossed it with some olive oil and parmesan. The ravioli maker ensures that all the pieces look consistently good and makes it easier to make smaller ravioli. The only thing I might try differently next time is rolling the pasta thinner.

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