Kitchen Window View

When Patrick and I were on our house hunt last year one feature on my "would be nice to have" list was the kitchen sink at a window. I've always loved being able to look out the window a kitchen sink. The house I grew up in has a window over the kitchen sink with a nice scenic view and it's just been something I always thought would be nice.

After college none of the houses we rented had kitchen sink windows! Some of those rentals were open concept houses and the sink was faced towards a living area which had its benefits but I wasn't sold on that layout.

Imagine my joy when we toured this house and saw such a picturesque kitchen sink window! I fell in love from that point onward and knew this house was the one! It lets in so much light.

This past week I've had these three newly acquired pottery planters on the sill and put a small glass with some flowers in one. I'm hoping to plant some succulents in the planters soon - always a project!

Patrick comments that our "privacy leaves" are coming back. The view out our window is green and lush during the warm months and I love it! I certainly don't spend a lot of time at the sink with a dishwasher but it's nice to stroll through the kitchen and look out the window or see the birds while we're prepping dinner.

Are you on the kitchen sink bandwagon too?!

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