Rise Welcome Breakfast

I have decided that Rise Biscuits & Donuts are my new go-to "Welcome to Durham" breakfasts for house guests. Rise is a local shop that serves fresh biscuits and donuts. The menu is always changing to accommodate fresh, seasonal ingredients but also the creative minds of the chefs! When I went in this last visit they had a donut topped with Fruity Pebbles -- talk about creativity! Rise never disappoints and who wouldn't want to wake up to donuts?!

Rise is quite popular. The line is out the door on most weekend mornings. For this reason I stop in the store on Friday afternoons and get the donuts. Then everyone can relax the following morning while enjoying the donuts. I try to have fresh bananas along with orange juice and coffee.

Patrick's fellow Dukies were in town for their five year reunion! For our guests I bought glazed donuts, chocolate glazed donuts, chocolate cake donuts, and donut holes with sprinkles.

Rise & Shine!

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  1. Oh wow, this looks so good. I remember my breakfast there one morning and it was delicious.