Putting it all together

We mastered seared tuna back in 2010 and it's one of Patrick's favorite dishes. More recently we ventured into Brussels sprouts spring rolls. On this particular evening we put the two together!

This isn't a particularly lengthy post (and both of the recipes are hyperlinked in the above paragraph). Just a helpful reminder to show you how to create fun menus with recipes you already know and love! I try to loosely keep side dishes categorized by flavor profiles so that I can easily put dishes together.

For example, on this particular day it was grocery shopping day and the meal for the evening would be based around seafood. I try to plan seafood dishes on the grocery shopping day or the very next day since I like to buy from the fresh seafood counter. The seafood counter is never stocked the same and the quality of seafood can vary too. For these reasons I don't like to plan the meal in advance. I know I'll have to wing it in the store but throwing together a seafood dish is pretty easy to me. The seafood is the star and then I usually just add some simple vegetables to it. 

Back to this "particular day": the tuna medallions looked outstanding! Knowing that Patrick loves seared tuna, I selected the medallions and started figuring out what else could go with the fish. I recalled that I still had some spring roll wraps remaining from our previous experiment with spring rolls. Then I added Brussels sprouts and ginger to my cart. For these spring rolls I sauteed the Brussels sprouts and carrots (which I already had) with the ginger and some soy sauce and rice wine vinegar. At the grocery store I also picked up some frozen edamame to add a fun twist to the dinner. Finally some wild rice (from the pantry) rounded out the dish.

... After reading this post it seems that particular was my word of the day. My apologies!

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  1. We had brussels sprouts tonight. First time in a long time. Isn't that interesting!