Meal Plan Monday Post

Introducing a new themed post: Meal Plan Monday!

It is my intention to include a meal plan post every Monday so that we can share a bit more about our cooking habits. I've been meal planning consistently for quite some time now and, even though creating the meal plan is a lot of work, it really pays off. There isn't any stress in the middle of week trying to figure out what to eat or continuous trips to the grocery store. My plan is to share the previous weeks "plan" and then what we did. The meal plan is always just that -- a plan. If we need to switch days around or have an impromptu event come up then we can accommodate that without feeling like everything will go wrong if we stray from the meal plan! I'm sure this post may evolve as we move forward but I thought it'd be fun to start sharing them!

Without further ado I present our first blogged meal plan!

Meal Plan for Monday March 31 - Sunday April 6

   Monday - Marinated chicken with wilted kale/brussels salad
   Tuesday - Nacho night
   Wednesday - Asian stir fry
   Thursday - Tuna noodle casserole
Readjusted meal plan
   Friday - Marinated chicken with wilted kale/brussels salad
   Saturday - Buttermilk waffles / Tuna noodle casserole
   Sunday - Broccoli and cheese soup with mixed greens salad / Seared tuna sandwich

   Monday - Pasta Primavera
      What happened? Impromptu girl's night which resulted in inviting Stephanie over for dinner. The marinated chicken was only enough for 2.
   Tuesday - Chinese take out
      What happened? Impromptu meetup with old coworkers. For nacho nights we include black beans (which were dried beans) and I forgot to rehydrate them the previous night. Also coffee meetup with coworkers ending up lasting until 8pm. Chinese take out was the quickest option for our hungry selves. This ends up bumping all planned meals to a different day.
   Wednesday - Nacho night
   Thursday - Asian stir fry
   Friday - Marinated chicken with wilted kale and quinoa
   Saturday - Buttermilk waffles / very late lunch in downtown Durham which led to a snacky dinner
   Sunday - Broccoli and cheese soup with mixed greens salad / Tuna noodle casserole

As the blog continues I will include some of my tips / tricks for planning and also how I decide what meals to plan! If it's a past blog recipe then I will hyperlink to it in the proposed section. If it's a new recipe then you can count on it being shared (hopefully sooner rather than later)!

Do you meal plan?

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  1. I like this - fun to c what changes your plans!