Bros Brunch: Drinks

Last week on the meal plan post I forgot to put in Sunday! Sunday morning of Patrick's Alumni Weekend we planned to host brunch for his friends that were in town (and some that are still local)! I affectionately dubbed this the Bros Brunch menu. Tomorrow Patrick will be sharing all the food we planned for brunch but today is something even more exciting -- the drinks!

Patrick thought it would be fun to offer Bloody Marys. I worried that not everyone would be on the Bloody Mary bandwagon so I picked up a bottle of champagne to have for those folks more interested in a Mimosa. We set up everything on the kitchen ledge so that our guests could help themselves to whatever they wanted and however they wanted it.

Here's the Drinks Bar!
Off to the side of the drinks bar I had glasses set up for everyone with a "grab a glass" sign next to it. This was a stemless wine glass which I thought would be appropriate for either the Mimosa, Bloody Mary, or whatever the guest wanted to drink. Even though this glass may not be ideal for the Mimosa or Bloody Mary I heard no complaints!

From there folks had the option between the Mimosas or Bloody Marys. Here are the signs I had prepared.

Orange Juice
Vodka / Gin, Bloody Mary mix,
Celery, Lemon, Olives,
Worcestershire sauce, Hot sauce

Here's a close up of the DIY Bloody Mary section.

Patrick wanted us to make a Bloody Mary mix (the tomato juice base) but I thought that was a bit ambitious. So I picked up a nice mix from World Market. To the mix we let everyone choose if they wanted to add vodka or gin. Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, lemons, and olives were all available as add-ons to the drink. The celery sticks were used to stir and garnish.

Patrick's Bloody Mary
This drinks bar was quite do-able. Patrick and I don't host cocktail parties so I was a little unsure how everything would work out but this was perfect! Everyone was able to fix their drinks exactly how they wanted it. The options between the two drinks was nice for guests too.

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