Meal Plan Monday Post

Interesting week for the meal plan last week! One evening we ate apart so nothing needed to be planned there and then Patrick was out of town for the weekend. He was in Chicago to celebrate his brother's birthday! While he was gone I fixed all my favorite dishes that he doesn't like.

Meal Plan for Monday April 21 - Sunday April 27

   Monday - Asian sweet potato orzo
   Tuesday - Theater Steak
   Wednesday - Separate
   Thursday - CSA pick up day, requested bok choy for Stir Fry
   Friday - Fish with veggies
   Saturday - Patrick in Chicago for the weekend to celebrate his brother's birthday!
   Sunday - Patrick in Chicago means Whitney makes all the things she loves that Patrick doesn't!

   Monday - Asian sweet potato orzo, first requested by Patrick a few months ago. May quickly become a favorite!
   Tuesday - Theater steak; recipe published in the newspaper.
   Wednesday - Whitney: dinner out with girlfriends; Patrick: picked up dinner at work
   Thursday - Chicken & Bok Choy Stir Fry
   Friday - Kingclip fish (looked good at the store) with sweet potato and salad
   Saturday - Pasta with chicken and artichokes
   Sunday - Imitation crab meat casserole

Worked on this week's meal plan last night and will be going to the grocery store today. Another odd week ahead; I have a wisdom teeth extraction schedule so I imagine that will severely limit what I want to eat! My mom is coming to town so Patrick will not be burdened with my care; maybe they will make me some chicken noodle soup!

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  1. Patrick and I will take good care of you!