Meal Plan Monday Post

A little late for the regularly scheduled morning post but it's still Monday so the newly minted Meal Plan Monday Posts continue!

Today the meal plan is introducing the "throw together" meal. These happen every now and then (not usually three nights in a row though). The throw together meals typically happen towards the end of a meal plan when I am delaying my next grocery store visit. Once you get used to not having to go to the grocery store every few days you realize just how much of a luxury it is to not have to squeeze in grocery trips.

Recently I've also been trying to do a pantry spring cleaning of sorts. So I'm trying to use up all the random things we have in the pantry or freezer before all these yummy fresh vegetables start coming in. This means a throw together meal is probably some combination of frozen meats or frozen sauces with half boxes of pasta or grains. Patrick and I will both admit that some throw together meals are better than others.

Here was our meal plan last week!

Meal Plan for Monday April 14 - Sunday April 20

   Monday - Throw together, ground pork
   Tuesday - Throw together, chicken breasts
   Wednesday - Throw together, crab meat
   Thursday - CSA veggies (1st box of the spring season!)
   Friday - Visiting family for Easter
   Saturday - Visiting family for Easter

   Monday - Pork loaf with apricot dijon glaze, crispy potatoes, salad
   Tuesday - Italian chicken with penne
   Wednesday - Crab cakes with arugula salad
   Thursday - Spinach and Artichoke personal pizzas (made with Harris Teeter whole wheat pizza dough)
   Friday - Visiting family for Easter
   Saturday - Visiting family for Easter

This coming week we will feature Bros Weekend posts! Last weekend Patrick celebrated his 5 year reunion with fellow alumni. We had such a fun time with everyone!

Hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend!

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  1. I love seeing your plans and then what actually happens.