Happy April Fools' Day!

Woo! April is here and hopefully spring is somewhere around the corner!

No recipe to share today. I'm afraid things may be slowing down a bit (but hopefully not too much) in the kitchen. Ever since we promised the newlyweds were back to blogging in October we've been fairly consistent with weekday postings. And for the past few months there was a new post Monday thru Friday! Hope you've enjoyed the reading.

In February we had an extra surge of posts due to my commitment to blog all things wedding. See this post with all other posts linked in it if you missed it. The wedding posts fueled us along for a bit but now my future drafted posts are dwindling.

During this time we hit our 400th post!! Thanks for all your support and a special thanks to my mom who comments on every single post! We know we have some readers out there so even if you don't post, many thanks for reading the blog and keeping up with us.

If you'd like to offer suggestions on themed posts or other things you'd like to read about on the blog just let us know! I've asked Patrick for the past few months to transition our wedding website into a more official blog. Maybe that'll happen sooner or later.

Oh, I almost forgot -- Happy April Fool's Day! In honor of this foolish day I will share with you our April Fools' Day post from 2011. It's the Instant Chocolate Cake post.

Thanks again for reading. It makes writing and continuous posting a little bit easier to get through!

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  1. I love reading every post! Hope you always keep going. And I love that chocolate dessert. Have made it several times.