Bros Brunch

What a fun way to end Duke's Alumni Weekend with the Bros Brunch! It was such a whirlwind weekend filled with lots to do. Here's a breakdown of the whole weekend and I have saved the Bros Brunch recipes in a document that's linked at the bottom! Lots of fun pictures in this post too!

   Duke's official 5-Year class party was this night. Patrick's fraternity hosted a small cookout before the event for all of the brothers to congregate and reunite. The official class party had a photo booth. The photo booth evidence is below. (Please note there is no dark blue on my body.)

   Patrick and I had a quick breakfast for our guests before heading to Duke for lunch. We offered Rise doughnuts and bananas. After the lunch the guys fraternized with their brothers in some afternoon revelry. Their fraternity invented this crazy game called "Beer Frisbee" and on alumni weekend the alumni come together to take on the active brothers.

   On Saturday we all decided to dress up a bit and try a new restaurant in town - Harvest 18.

   Finally on Sunday morning the weekend culminated with our Bros Brunch. If you're interested in planning our exact brunch you can print off the menu by clicking here. You can read our posts about the drinks here and the food here. Here's a quick rundown of the menu:
Breakfast Casserole, Grits
Savory Breakfast Muffins, Mixed Berry Sour Cream Coffee Cake
Assortment of Fruit
Bloody Mary Bar | Champagne, Orange Juice, Coffee

And here are some fun pictures from brunch!

Can't have brunch without the paper!
Bloody Mary bar fun!
We shuffled around our dining room table and placed a card table next to it so we could seat all 10 of us together!
All the Duke guys -- all wonderful gentlemen, sure do love mine!
We look forward to many future Bros Brunches!


  1. It was a wonderful weekend Whitney! Thanks again for having us! Using your recipe and inspiration, I made Bloody Mary's for my parents and family friends last weekend! :)

  2. Loved all the pics... it was so good to see all your friends that I met at the wedding. I am glad you are all keeping in touch. Keep it up!!!!!