Bros Brunch: Food

Hosting meals with Whitney is always so much fun because she is a dedicated hostess and is so creative with her meal planning. You won't be surprised to hear that in addition to drinks, we also had food at our brunch! To start with, I selected our old staple the breakfast casserole. That one was nice for a meal like this because we could prep it the night before and just put it in the oven in the morning. To that we added some standard side dishes of grits and fruit (pineapple, strawberries, and grapes).

Aside from those, we selected two new recipes to try. I wanted something sweet and something savory, so we decided on savory breakfast muffins and a mixed berry sour cream coffee cake. Unfortunately there were some hiccups in our execution of each that kept them from reaching their full potential. For the muffins, I completely forgot to add the cheese, and the pancetta we used instead of the Canadian bacon didn't add much flavor, and we didn't have a bell pepper, so they came out a bit bland. For the coffee cake, the very bottom of it burned a little bit in the toaster oven, but everything above that was tasty! If you're interested in the recipes, stay tuned for our next post.

Hopefully with all the good drinks and good company people enjoyed themselves anyway. We certainly did!

The spread
Breakfast muffins
Breakfast casserole and grits
The fruit
The coffee cake. Looks beautiful from this angle!

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  1. The company and fellowship is always the most important part! I know your guests had a great time.