Outdoor dining: turkey burgers & ice cream

A few weekends ago we had our first glimpse of spring! It was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon filled with lots of sun and blue sky. Patrick and I took the opportunity to stretch our legs around the neighborhood trails but also to set up our patio table and enjoy some turkey burgers outdoors. Read on for our casual meal!

For the burgers: We used lean ground turkey mixed with a savory spice mix then grilled them on our grill pan. 
For the toppings: Sauteed onions and yellow bell peppers with melted provolone cheese. Everything was placed on a toasted brioche bread roll with a bit of dijon mustard.
For the side: Served with sliced fresh pineapple!

For dessert: We made homemade vanilla ice cream again! The recipe can be found from this Casual Get Together post. We were going to make cookies and cream ice cream (we had some chocolate cookies left over from a recent dessert) but then realized we'd eaten most of the cookies! Then we had to settle for vanilla ice cream.

Now that April is officially here hopefully the warm weather will be here to stay soon too!

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  1. I want that menu for supper tonight. I do hope we continue with spring weather!