Blogging is back!

It's time to get back to blogging! We've said that before...

Last year we took a break to get married; this time we've taken a break to settle into our new home. Even though we moved in the middle of June and blogged a bit through that, we really spent the end of July and August unpacking boxes. Here's the post where we announced we had closed on the house!

I'm happy to report that I've got drafts set up for a few weeks and a promise from Patrick that he misses the blog and will edit posts whenever I ask. It'll be catch up during this time with some summer recipes so hopefully you'll come back and keep reading. We certainly didn't slow down in the kitchen and have lots to share however! And speaking of kitchen - we love our new kitchen. It's so spacious; we can both fit in it comfortably and cook together.

We'll try to post some about the house and a few things we've done. No worries about this turning into a DIY home blog though. We're horrible at taking "before" pictures. We are enjoying making the house ours and want to share some of that.

Some other fun news - we have two permanent house guests! We added Nacho Cheese & Dupree to our family at the beginning of September. They are two adopted kittens from the Durham Animal Protection Shelter. They are the cutest things and we couldn't be more pleased with our decision to become cat parents.

So - with all that - come back tomorrow because blogging is back!

No promises on keeping cat pictures to a minimum!


  1. the cats are so cute! reminds of me Jonas when he was tiny and nice!

  2. it ate my comment! Love those adorable kitties and please let me know when there are new recipes to be taste tested!!

  3. I have missed the blog so much. I am so glad you are back! Holly, I agree, I remember Jonas. He slept right by Granny when we spent the night and she does not like cats. I was hoping he would get by me, but right by her on her pillow. We laughed and laughed. But back to Nacho and Dupree. They are adorable!