Crafting + Snacks + Marianne

Marianne is a great friend I have around who's always up for some crafting or keeping me company while Patrick is out of town. We're obviously doing a little catch up in this post because Patrick was last out of town at the end of July for a bachelor party.

I invited Marianne over for dinner and we each contributed to the meal. She brought over ingredients for a delicious summer favorite - caprese bites. We stacked up fresh basil, mozzarella, and tomatoes then drizzled balsamic glaze over them. I made a fruit salad - cantaloupe and blueberries tossed with finely chopped fresh mint. Then we did an orzo with sauteed artichokes, onions, and peppers. All so simple and light... just what you want for July!

Then a month went by and we decided we should meet up for an afternoon crafting session complete with snacks. Marianne brought over brownies and I had us a fruit and dip platter. I served strawberries and watermelon next to a ricotta-vanilla mixture with chocolate chips.

My craft project on this particular day was labeling our pantry OXO pop tops. I printed out what everything was on card stock then applied them to the containers with fabric tape. Marianne worked on homemade cards! 

Love the new labels! They add a nice pop of color to the pantry!
Do you have tips for pantry organization?


  1. Can't wait to see. I wish I were closer so I could do some crafting with you, too. What is fabric tape?

  2. In case anyone was wondering, I did make her fix the "rigatoni" label.