Meal Plan Monday Post - September

Here is the meal plan for September! I'm thinking next week before I do all of October and get back to weekly meal plans I'll do a post about how I keep this organized. For the most part I plan it out for a week. Our CSA box is distributed weekly so I'll usually sit down when we turn in our orders and then make the meal plan for the next week with the veggies I choose and then can go to the grocery store to fill in the items we'll need for the meals. A lot of times I'll change around the last few meals in one week to accommodate the new veggies therefore meal planning is always fluid and changing which is very beneficial.

Meal Plan for September

   Monday 9/1 - Labor Day Dinner Cookout Potluck at Jessica and Corey's!
      Bring Pioneer Woman's Mexican pasta salad
   Tuesday 9/2 - Homemade pizza
   Wednesday 9/3 - Chicken adobo
   Thursday 9/4 - Tilapia, tomato pie

   Friday 9/5 - Surf & Turf: steak and shrimp, fried okra, roasted fingerling potatoes

   Saturday 9/6 - Breakfast Hash browns (from leftover potatoes), bacon and eggs

      Lunch & Matinee: Sushi and Guardians of the Galaxy
   Sunday 9/7 - Breakfast pancakes
      Dinner Mexican enchiladas with tomatillos salsa

   Monday 9/8 - Eggplant parm with spaghetti
   Tuesday 9/9 - Garlic roasted salmon and brussels
   Wednesday 9/10 - Mini meatloafs, green beans, squash
      Thirteenth Month Anniversary Dinner Celebration

Had a quick trip home this weekend. Mom sent back some Chinese okra!

   Wednesday 9/17 - Hungry Jack casserole
   Thursday 9/18 - Salmon with green beans, acorn squash
   Friday 9/19 - Game night with neighbors | Make lasagna
   Saturday 9/20 - DPAC Matinee, Dirty Dancing
      Enjoyed lunch downtown at The Pit

      Dinner BLT sandwiches with roasted sweet potatoes
   Sunday 9/21 - Brunch Patrick's cheesy egg grits
      Dinner Clam chowder

   Monday 9/22 - Homemade pizza
   Tuesday 9/23 - Salad with roasted delicata squash
   Wednesday 9/24 - Quinoa with spinach topped with roasted veggies (brocc, mushrooms, onions, peppers)
   Thursday 9/25 - Chicken with tomatoes and spinach, rice, fried okra
   Friday 9/26 - Mushroom farfalle
   Saturday 9/27 - Out of town
   Sunday 9/28 - Salmon cakes, green beans

   Monday 9/29 - Homemade spinach pasta with sweet Italian sausage, mushrooms, onions, fresh tomato sauce
   Tuesday 9/30 - Pork tenderloin, butternut squash

September was a great month to transition from the last of summer produce into fall. I couldn't wait for some kale to show up in the CSA!

All this week on the blog is a catch up of our anniversary dinners - stay tuned!

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