After Patrick and I moved, we felt that it was only fitting to host a housewarming party! We invited over friends, family, and neighbors! This was a great way to meet and mingle with new and old friends.

We planned the event for mid-day Saturday which happened to coincide with our anniversary weekend. It was very special to celebrate our first anniversary with our nearest and dearest loved ones. It was almost like a mini-wedding celebration!

And because it was our first anniversary I decided to surprise Patrick with a Daisy Cakes red velvet cake. You may recall that our delicious wedding cake was made by them. Our wedding cake was split with a vanilla tier and red velvet. At the wedding we missed out on the red velvet tier and I wanted to make up for that. Here's the cake:

I found the cutest wedding couple figure from Etsy and purchased it as an anniversary topper
Below are some food / set up pictures with some notes on the layout. I have the recipes I used saved in this google document that you can access. I like to plan the food in various rooms to promote movement and mingling!

In the living room I had a card table set up with snack-y finger foods. This included a fruit platter, chips and dip with guacamole, veggies and dip, and mini quiche (to be placed on that white platter once warmed).

In the kitchen I had all the more substantial lunch-y foods. There was a broccoli salad, deviled eggs, orzo with watermelon, arugula, and feta salad, chicken salad with Mom's sourdough rolls, and finally pimento cheese and crackers. I also had drinks set up here. At one end of the table were pitchers of water and iced tea. There was some chilled white wine and beer in the beverage tub,

On the counter in the kitchen I had the crockpot warming bbq from Q-Shack and cole slaw with rolls.

In the dining room I had the desserts table. Patrick made banana pudding, his mother (who flew all the way in from Chicago from the occasion) made vanilla cupcakes with chocolate buttercream, and there was the Daisy Cakes red velvet cake. My mom had also brought up blonde brownies which were on the coffee table as welcome nibbles. My grandmother brought peanuts as another welcome nibbles too - thanks for all the contributions!

You may noticed that there are little identifying signs for the food. This isn't something I normally do but since we were inviting neighbors who we had never hosted (we did knock on doors and personally pass out our invitations) I wanted to make sure anyone with a food allergy or intolerance would feel like they could enjoy themselves at our party. 

You may also note that it was a lot of food and it was! We didn't require RSVPs from the neighbors so wanted to make sure there was plenty for everyone. We had about 25 folks stop by for the housewarming and called it a success!

The housewarming party was great motivation to have the house organized! There were a few boxes stashed in closets that have yet to be unpacked... working on that this week! 

Dupree says "I like to read the paper with dad"

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  1. It was a PERFECT party. The food was delicious, the house looked so pretty, and the fellowship was great. Everyone was so friendly and Jimmy and I sure had a wonderful time. You two are such gracious hosts!!! Thanks for including us all on your anniversary weekend.