Thirteenth Month Menu

You may be thinking right now that we skipped the twelfth month! More on that tomorrow but for now we'll let you know that the housewarming stood in for the twelfth month.

There isn't an official recipe for this menu. It was so informal with sauteed summer vegetables and meatloaf that I wasn't sure we should pull out the china but we wanted to! I think Patrick was the one who tipped the scales in favor of the china and said "yeah, let's do it".

So here are my brief notes on the dinner.
For the meatloaf
   I followed our traditional meatloaf recipe but decided to bake them in separate patties so they could have a more exciting presentation. 
For the squash
   Sliced and sauteed in olive oil with an onion, salt and pepper.
For the green beans
   Snapped into inch pieces and then boiled in chicken stock until just tender.

Our anniversary dinners have taught us a few things:
First the most important thing is who's sitting with you at the table!
And second you don't have to serve fancy things to use your nice dishes.

As a little side note some of the tomato sauce topping spilled on the place mat. I treated it with oxiclean and then spot cleaned with dish soap and a toothbrush. Don't let getting things dirty hold you back either!

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  1. You are right to use your nice things. That's why you have them.