Chef and the Farmer

Did you know what we cut the "cable" cord?! It's actually been almost a year now and we haven't missed it one bit! We mentioned it briefly here in this post.

I mentioned it in that post for the same reason here - how I transitioned away from Food Network. It wasn't too hard because I was finding myself not tuning into the afternoon programming as much as I used to. ABC's The Chew is one of my favorite shows now and not just because of the cooking! The chefs / hosts are great fun to watch. Their personalities are a lot of fun. Another great channel for some cooking shows is PBS! Patrick and I have been tuning into PBS quite a bit since the cable was cut (hello, Downton Abbey). Martha Bakes with Martha Stewart and America's Test Kitchen are great resourceful food shows. I'll have to be honest - Martha Bakes hasn't been on in awhile and I'm slightly bummed!

Now all this is an intro for Chef Vivian Howard of Chef & the Farmer in Kinston. Vivian and her restaurant are featured in PBS's A Chef's Life and it, too, is one of my favorite shows. Season 2 is about to premiere and I'm looking forward to it. Back in March I blogged about her show and the restaurant because she had inspired a dinner one night - read about it here. So now after this long intro and fluff I can get to the point of the post ...

We went to Chef & the Farmer! And it was just as glorious as I could've hoped for. In that March post I said we would plan to visit before too long and seeing that we actually went in May I think we made good on our plan!

Let me back up a little bit...

We were headed to Morehead City for a wedding that weekend and it just so happens that Kinston is the perfect half way point between home and Morehead City. Thus began planning for stop-over in Kinston. We made dinner reservations at Chef & the Farmer and planned to get into town so we could enjoy a brewery tour at Mother Earth Brewing. Mother Earth is a microbrewery in Kinston and just a few blocks away from Chef & the Farmer. It's like they planned it. Unfortunately the brew tour guide was out of town so our plans for the brewery tour didn't work out (another reason to visit again!) so we settled for a tasting and some relaxation before our dinner.

Then we made it to Chef & the Farmer! I was so excited I only managed to take two pictures. The menu is seasonal so changes quite a bit. When we were there we split an arugula salad with beets, soft shell crab with risotto, and a brownie dessert. I only remembered to take a picture of dessert half way through eating it! Everything was delicious!

And then we went to the wedding!

Need another reason to visit Kinston?! There's a Lenox outlet!

This turned into a fabulous pit stop to the beach. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and can't wait to go back!

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  1. I started watching be show because of you and I love it too. We want to plan a trip to the restaurant as well!