Woo! We made it! We have been married for one whole year (plus some) annnd even ate frozen wedding cake. Before I give you a quick synopsis of frozen year old wedding cake eating, here's a recap complete with links of the twelve monthly anniversary dinners.

wedding reception remix

mixed greens with scallops, butternut orzo, truffles

spinach stuffed flank steak, gingered pear crisp

crab cakes and parmesan orzo, chocolate beet cake

salmon in puff pastry, brussels with cranberries and pecans, dulce de leche tiramisu

lasagna roll-ups, chocolate strawberry shortcakes

lemon spaghetti with seared scallops, oreo cheesecake trifles with raspberries

fish baked in parchment, carrot cake cupcakes

lobster potato salad, blueberry orange fruit salad, apricot mascarpone tart

roasted beets with greens, lemon chicken with asparagus, palmies

spaghetti and mussels, blueberry crumb cake

celebrated with a housewarming

meatloaf, summer vegetables

As you just saw we celebrated the one year anniversary with a housewarming party. At the party I surprised Patrick with a *fresh* Daisy Cakes cake in one of our wedding cake flavors. Patrick somehow thought this meant he didn't have to eat frozen wedding cake so he didn't bring up eating frozen wedding cake - let's be honest... Patrick didn't want any of this frozen cake! I, on the other hand, completely forgot about the frozen wedding cake.

Then we were going to eat it on the thirteen months anniversary dinner night but I didn't remember the cake until a few hours before dinner and apparently these frozen cakes need at least 24 hours to defrost. So on we waited until October and Patrick couldn't delay the inevitable anymore. October 10th rolls around and it was a hectic day but the cake had already been defrosting! But finally on October 13th we kissed, said "I love you, what a great wedding day we had", and ate year and two months old cake.

And it was delicious.
Protip - freeze your wedding napkins in the bag with the cake!

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  1. You had such fun with a!nniversary meals. So smart to freeze the napkins, too