Meal Plan Monday Post - July

In my last post in July (before the blog went black for a few months; oops, my apologies) I promised that I'd still check in with meal plans. Well that didn't happen but because I'm super organized I can fill you in with the meal plan ... or some of it anyway. I would say I'm only slightly organized. Certainly not super! If we were vacationing or plans came up I didn't always update my menu. I'll catch the blog up regardless. Today I'm sharing the rest of July! Next week will be August and then September.

Short PSA - Since these are from July they won't get blogged otherwise we'd have summer posts in the middle of winter. And at some point the goal is to be somewhat current on the blog. For that reason I will add the pictures I took of the meals to the meal plan post. I usually save the pictures for the featured blog post instead of the meal plan post. If it was a new recipe then it should also be hyperlinked.

Meal Plan for the rest of July

   Monday 7/7 - Stir Fry
   Tuesday 7/8 - Corn cakes with avocado and goat cheese

   Wednesday 7/9 - Fish with squash

   Thursday 7/10 - Spaghetti and muscles with tomatoes and basil, blueberry crumb cake
      11th Month Anniversary Dinner Celebration
   Friday 7/11 - Mexican night: Carnitas with salsa verde
   Saturday 7/12 & Sunday 7/13- Weekend at the Lake; bring zucchini bread and vanilla ice cream

   Monday 7/14 - Asian night: Wontons and green beans, rice
   Tuesday 7/15 - Corn risotto and scallops
   Wednesday 7/16 - Homemade pasta
   Thursday 7/17 - Fish with squash, roma beans
   Friday 7/18 - Pasta with roasted garlic and eggplant (sub with quinoa)

   Saturday 7/9 - Chinese chicken salad
   Sunday 7/20 - Date night for sushi

   Monday 7/21 - Margherita pizza
   Thursday 7/24 - Summer pasta puttanesca
   Friday 7/25 - Salmon with pesto, squash casserole, wax beans

   Saturday 7/26 - Breakfast quiche
      Dinner Steak, green beans, roasted potatoes, yellow romas and mozzarella
   Sunday 7/27- Pork tenderloin, fried okra, corn

   Monday 7/28 - Roasted sweet potatoes, black beans, fried egg, corn tortilla chips, tomatillo salsa
   Tues 7/29 - Turkey burgers and zucchini fries
   Wed 7/30 - Pasta with creamy red pepper sauce and sweet Italian sausage

And a favorite summer snack ...

After typing this it's making me crave all that yummy summer produce! So much of it was from our CSA!

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  1. That ice cream at the lake was delicious!!!!!