Use your egg separator properly...

Patrick and I purchased an egg separator a looong time ago. I imagine we bought it when Crate and Barrel moved to Southpoint (sometime in 2011). It's this egg separator from C&B -- nothing fancy, gets the job done okay. Or so we thought.

We never found it the most intuitive thing to use. It was hard to hold. Sometimes I would try to hook my thumb through the hole on the handle but that never seemed to work. If we were both in the kitchen then the other would hold it while the egg was cracked.

We recently made homemade vanilla ice cream to take to the beach with us. I was tasked with separating out all 8 eight eggs yolks. I hesitated a bit after I grabbed the egg separator and thought do I really want to use this thing for 8 yolks?! So I started out by resting the separator in the bottom of the bowl but this only worked for the first egg.

Then a miracle happened. I somehow figured out that you could rest the separator on the side of the bowl! I showed Patrick when he got home from work; you can imagine how amazed we were!

Life changing, I tell ya.

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