Meal Plan Monday Post

Welcome June! May sure went by in a hurry. We finished out the last two weekends of the month with back to back weddings. Weekend plans are a win-win for meal planning. I don't have to plan the meal and we know it's going to be a tasty meal!

We filled in the other days of the week with all the delicious vegetables that are now in season both at the grocery store (fresh corn on Monday) and available through our CSA farm share (zucchini, squash, and snap peas to name a few). It's nice to see the CSA boxes overflowing with summer goodness now.

Meal Plan for Monday May 26 - Sunday June 1

   Monday - Shrimp with broccoli and creamed corn
   Tuesday - Double date; dinner and a movie night
         We had dinner at Linda's on Franklin Street and then caught "The Lego Movie" at The Varsity!
   Wednesday - Fake bake
   Thursday - Mexican night (nachos with Mexican rice, beans, and baked chicken)
   Friday - Pasta with squash and snap peas (both veggies from our CSA)
   Saturday - Breakfast Hash browns with bacon and eggs
      Lunch Friday night leftovers
      Dinner Wedding
   Sunday - Breakfast - Rise donuts
      Brunch - Tried the new brunch at Piedmont with my parents complete with jazz music (!)
      Dinner - Sauteed zucchini with orzo and bolognese sauce

Hope you have a wonderful June!

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  1. Piedmont was great but your brunches are just as good.