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We are loving our CSA boxes! This is our fourth season with the Brinkley Farms CSA. We've mentioned this program before on the blog -- and I'll link some past posts below -- but here's a refresher:

 - CSA stands for "Community Sponsored (or Supported) Agriculture" which means we, the community, invest in a farm at the beginning of their season to help them, the agriculture / farm, have cash flow to get produce planted and then receive said produce throughout their growing season. All CSAs vary as to how they are set up and what they produce.
 - Our CSA delivers a wide array of vegetable produce, eggs, pork products, and some flours
 - Our CSA is on a weekly delivery; Patrick picks up our box every Thursday
 - Our CSA allows you to select what produce you want (some deliver pre-selected boxes)

Here's our first box of the season

Eggs, kale, sweet potatoes, pork ribs, mixed lettuce, and spring onions
Here's our most recent box

Beets, fingerling potatoes, lots of squash and zucchini
(we doubled up on the squash and zucchini to share with friends)
As promised in the intro here are some links to past blog posts about the CSA. The posts either talk about the program itself, show us experimenting with new vegetables, or how we meal plan with the vegetables.

More about CSA
   First Ever Box | Find a CSA near you
Vegetables we tried for the first time because of the CSA 
   Without a CSA I'm sure at some point we would've picked these up at a farmers market but this is another reason we like the CSA - convenience!
   Swiss Chard | Kale | Fennel | White Sweet Potatoes | Pumpkins | Various Winter Squash
Other posts
   Meal planning | Pancake recipe

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  1. What a great thing to have-helps the farmers and you get really fresh food.