There is a lovely farm stand on the side of the road on my way home. Apparently they are a rather large farm and they supply the majority of the produce at their roadside farmers market even though you only see a small acre or so strawberry patch next to the road (since only the strawberry plants are visible I thought they brought in all their other produce).

I stopped for fresh strawberries at the beginning of May just as the season was starting and just yesterday I stopped for some more strawberries here at the end of the season! If only strawberries had a longer season.

I washed up my bucket of strawberries last night and here they are!

There will be some strawberry shortcakes in the very near future! 

There will also be watermelon in our very near future. I couldn't pass one of these up to get summer officially started!

What are you doing this weekend?! Eating strawberries or watermelon?!

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  1. Love strawberries and watermelon. We just had a delicious Ridgeway cantaloupe from the lake. Wonderful!!