Quick lunch

In the spring Patrick and I had a string of warm, relaxing weekends together where we didn't have much planned. Even though the weekends are relaxing they do require a bit more thought in the meal planning department! Now instead of two meals for two days (ie, Saturday & Sunday dinner) I now have to plan 4-6 meals -- breakfast, lunch, and dinner for both days! Typically weekday breakfasts are unaccounted for in the meal plan because we are grabbing easy prep breakfasts like English muffins or bagels, cereal, eggs and toast, or oatmeal. And then lunches are mainly leftovers or sandwiches. Patrick has lunch provided a lot too with work meetings.

With these weekends where we don't have any major activities planned I usually plan to buy a hodge podge of fruits and snackier meal items (think hummus and cheese & crackers) then we can put together lunch plates to our liking that don't require much prep.

Here is the breakdown for this lunch plate!

Fresh blueberries
   Hard to pass up fresh, seasonal blueberries at the store.

Prosciutto mozzarella panino with rosemary crackers
   Patrick always requests summer sausage for our weekend lunches. I need to remind myself to stock up on the Hillshire Farms sausages during the holidays (always see them in a mall kiosk) because I can not find summer sausage at our grocery store! This prosciutto mozzarella panino was recommended by the deli guy. We warmed it on the crackers in the toaster to melt the cheese.
   We had this another night with some nuts while we were watching Netflix.
   In other news, last week I found summer sausage at World Market! Patrick has been hoarded his summer sausage since then.

Chicken salad
   Chicken salad is always a no-brainer after a rotisserie chicken dinner. When I'm meal planning and see that  a rotisserie chicken dinner fits (or we're baking a whole chicken) I will plan the meal later in the week so that we can use the leftover chicken in chicken salad!

French loaf bread
   I had purchased the french loaf to go with a pasta dish earlier in the week. It rounded out our quick lunch here quite nicely.

What are some of your go-to quick weekend lunches at home?

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  1. I am hungry right now and wish I had that lunch!