Meal Plan Monday Post

This has been a week full of impromptu dinner plans and then utilizing CSA veggies. You may recall from the last meal plan that we were coming back from the beach at the beginning of the week. On Monday we just didn't quite have things together so we had Chinese take-out. Then Wednesday and Thursday we had back to back dinner dates with friends -- all planned fairly quickly. We didn't order a full box the week prior since we knew we would be out of town at the beach and since our CSA pick up day is Thursday we were able to do these dinner dates without fresh vegetables spoiling. So we picked up our new CSA box Thursday and were able to start cooking again with all of our fresh vegetables for the weekend.

Meal Plan for Monday June 9 - Sunday June 15

   Monday - Chinese take-out
   Tuesday - 10th Month Anniversary Dinner!
   Wednesday - Met a friend for Mexican
   Thursday - Dinner & a movie double date ... Patrick's favorite sushi restaurant in Durham (Sake Bomb) and catching 22 Jump Street
   Friday - Mahi mahi with pesto, roasted adirodack blue potatoes, summer squash
   Saturday - Ham and cheese quiche for breakfast
      Chicken salad and cucumbers for lunch
      Crockpot Bbq pork ribs with slaw and cornbread for dinner
   Sunday - Quiche leftover for breakfast
      Grilled pimento cheese and ham sandwiches for lunch
      Pan fried black drum fish, roasted potatoes, and kale for dinner

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  1. I am so glad I was in on some of those meals. Friday mahi mahi was delicious. Don't forget the delicacy of sautéed sage leaves! I also had some of the quiche, chicken salad, cucumbers and tomatoes. All delicious!!!!