Meal Plan Monday Post

I think I may have cooked the most Southern thing I have ever cooked last week. Fried chicken nuggets soaked in a buttermilk - pickle juice brine! Whoa. We'll have all the juicy details at some point on the blog.

This was move weekend for us so things were a bit up in the air throughout the weekend. I made a point to not pack cooking gear through the week so that we could maintain our weekly meal plans. I had a few freezer meals for us to reheat at the new house set up as well.

One of my least favorite things about moving is the inevitable week of take-out! I usually end up feeling all out of whack and can't wait to get back to cooking. This is one of the reasons why I made the freezer meals.

Meal Plan for Monday June 16 - Sunday June 22

   Monday - Pasta with roasted red pepper alfredo sauce and wilted spinach
   Tuesday - Chicken nuggets with roasted green beans
   Wednesday - Salmon cakes with macaroni and cheese
   Thursday - Risotto with beets and chard
   Friday - With the kitchen all packed up we went to City Beverage
   Saturday - Breakfast English muffins with cheese and sausage
      Lunch Leftover risotto
      Dinner Randy's Pizza
   Sunday - Breakfast Dunkin' Donuts
      Lunch Pulcinella's pizza
      Dinner Chicken pasta freezer meal

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  1. You were so smart to think ahead and do the freezer meals.