Meal Plan Monday Post

Christmas is upon us! Or was rather ... it has come and gone; 2015 is right around the corner!

We kicked off the holiday with a visit to Chicago the weekend before Christmas to celebrate with Patrick's family. Then after two days at home we started our final travels on Christmas Day. We thought it was important this year to wake up in our home on Christmas Day and start some Christmas Eve traditions.

Meal Plan for Monday December 22 - Sunday December 28

   Monday - Coming home from Chicago (landed at midnight)
   Tuesday - Broccoli cheese soup
   Wednesday - Christmas Eve
   Thursday - Christmas Day
      Brunch with my dad's family; Dinner at Granny's
   Friday through Saturday - in Murfreesboro
   Sunday - breakfast Baked oatmeal
      lunch all the leftovers we were sent back with!
      dinner Snapper, rice, and asparagus

Santa visited!

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