House Guests! & Bedrooms

When Patrick and I were house shopping we had "3-4 bedrooms" on our wish list. Ideally we wanted three designated bedrooms and then either a fourth bedroom or some open / transitional space that could function as an office for Patrick. Even though there are only two of us now we wanted to make sure our first house would have plenty of space for us to call home and fulfill our needs for at least a decade hopefully.

This house checked that box on the wish list. It has a master bedroom, two bedrooms, and a "bonus" room. This bonus room has angled ceilings because it is over the garage. It is not an official bedroom because it does not have a closet. Since we haven't posted pictures of the house on the blog yet I'll include bedroom pictures here.

Bonus Room
Current setup - "guest" bedroom

Current setup - "guest" bedroom 

Current setup - office

Master bedroom

We've had a few guests since we've moved - some family and some friends! Both guest rooms are complete and all setup with guest amenities. When my friends came for Homecoming in November I finally had enough time to get together cutesie baskets and bedside frames that included wifi information.

Here's the setup for each room for when guests arrive:

[Bonus Room]

[Guest Bedroom]

In the baskets are two sets of towels, water bottles, and an extra blanket. On each bedside table I placed a few magazines and a book with local attractions (this day trips from RDU book and this food lovers guide to Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill). Also on the table is some helpful information framed for our guests... like this below 

Hope you visit soon!


  1. I have stayed in both guest bedrooms and they are both so nice and comfortable.

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