Meal Plan Monday Post

At the grocery store this week I made sure to pick up a variety of fruit! Consuming Christmas cookies is just around the corner so I want us to get a head start on offsetting all that sugar.
bananas, navel oranges, honeycrisp apples, and an anjou pear
grapes [not pictured in the fridge]
Meal Plan for Monday December 8 - Sunday December 14

   Monday - Snazzy ramen We only had about 30 minutes to eat after getting home from work before leaving for the concert so to the ramen we added fresh spinach that wilted, spring onions, and an egg.
      Patrick's orchestra concert

Is that Santa or my handsome violinist?!
   Tuesday - Orzo with caramelized fall veggies
   Wednesday - Tilapia, quinoa rice blend, spinach salad

   Thursday - Pork chops, roasted acorn squash, couscous
   Friday - Risotto with butternut squash
   Saturday - Lunch at Fishmonger's in downtown Durham
      Annie matinee @ DPAC

   Sunday - Holiday progressive with our neighbors! Appetizers, dinner, and dessert all at different houses. We hosted dessert and made eggnog ice cream with rum cake and a chocolate pie.

Stay tuned - posts this week are from mid-November and Homecoming!

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  1. I am sure you and your neighbors had fun. Progressive dinners are fun.