French toast

French toast is a fairly simple brunch option - soak some bread in egg and then fry it up in a pan. Even though it's simple we don't make it a whole lot but a few weekends ago Patrick requested some French toast for weekend brunch. Usually when we make French toast we've got some leftover bread from a dinner or something but that was not the case on this weekend morning. I picked up a small ciabatta loaf that was just perfect for French toast. Patrick also requested we put some pumpkin pie spice in the egg mixture! So many requests! Read below to see how we prepped it and added these few twists to the simple base prep...

Pumpkin pie spice ciabatta French toast dusted with powdered sugar and served with a pear
Ciabatta French toast with pumpkin pie spice

Ingredients - ciabatta loaf, 2 eggs, cream, vanilla, pumpkin pie spice, butter

Directions - Slice ciabatta.
Make egg mixture for dipping: 2 eggs, dash of pumpkin pie spice, splash of vanilla, ~1/4 cup cream
Cook: melt one tablespoon butter in nonstick pan. Place ciabatta slices into egg dip and coat both sides. Then place into pan and flip once golden.

Half way through flipping
The pumpkin pie spice blends adds a great flavor and is perfect for the holidays. If you've got guests this would be a wonderful thing to throw together one morning and use up any bread you may have from your holiday feast!

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  1. Sounds easy enough for even me. I like the idea of pumpkin pie spice.