Ramen with things

At the end of April Patrick took a solo trip to Chicago to celebrate his brother's birthday.

I took advantage of my time sans husband and had girlfriends over! On Saturday Marianne came over for some gardening and an outdoor picnic. Then on Sunday Stephanie came over for another outdoor picnic and an "August: Osage County" viewing. I think we both decided it wasn't our favorite movie.

You might can imagine I fixed some nicer meals for these outdoor picnics with friends which is true. But I couldn't sustain the nicer meals when I was eating by myself. Saturday evening I fixed boring ramen noodles but made them not boring!

Before I started cooking the ramen I peered into our vegetable drawer to see what CSA vegetable goodies I had hanging around that I could use. I found some kale and spring onions that would be perfect this. I also grabbed an egg. I did quite a bit of google browsing to figure out the best way to make ramen noodles unboring (a quick google search of how to make your ramen noodles better brings up more hits than you can read in a day).

Here's what I did:
   Bring water to a boil and add half the seasoning packet. Once boiling add in ramen. After a minute drizzle the egg (that I had scrambled) around the pot so that it creates threads of cooked egg. Then add in chopped kale to wilt. Everything should be done in another minute. I added the chopped spring onions on top as a garnish with a bit more of the seasoning packet. 

This was the most filling ramen ever! Any of yall have good ramen recipe hacks for making it unboring / better?? If please share!


  1. The kale (and using only 1/2 the seasoning pack) would help make this dish healthier. The ramen noodles have so much sodium.

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