Meal Plan Monday Post

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Due to the holiday our Meal Plan Monday Post has been bumped to Tuesday!

We headed to the beach for a family wedding and long weekend mini-vacation. We enjoyed the get-away.

The week before we left for the beach I made sure that we were cooking at home since we would probably be indulging throughout the weekend. The pork with sauteed apples and leeks is a new recipe; leeks appeared on the CSA last week! Lemon spaghetti is one of Patrick's favorite dishes and is a good "meat-less" dish. The lemon adds a lot of flavor to the dish! Then we had a marinaded salmon with asparagus side. We rounded on the week with a Chicken parmesan meatloaf. I doubled the recipe and froze one! Some meal plans are better than others for variety. Check out my protein variety this week! There was pork, fish (salmon), chicken, and a vegetarian meal.

Meal Plan for Monday May 19 - Sunday May 25

   Monday - Pork with sauteed apples and leeks
   Tuesday - Lemon spaghetti
   Wednesday - Salmon with asparagus
   Thursday - Chicken parmesan meatloaf
   Friday - Vacation through Memorial Day

We'll have the new recipes up on the blog soon.

Here's to summer starting!!

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  1. I always enjoy your weekly menus. I wish I were that organized.