Crabcakes for Breakfast

A few weeks ago we had a series of throw together meals and we shared them on the blog here. One of those meals was crab cakes with a side salad.

The can of crab made 4 crab cakes. Sometimes we make leftovers for lunch with the remaining food but since we only made a side salad for that evening we couldn't save these for lunch (just 1 crab cake wouldn't be too filling). Have no fear -- we still saved them! They became breakfast the following morning.

We warmed the crab cakes in a large skillet; on the other side of the skillet we cooked over-medium eggs and tossed around some fresh spinach to wilt it. Everything came together for a wonderful breakfast!

Remember to think outside of the box with your leftovers!! We're not perfect with our food waste yet but we're trying to be better every day.