Mini Cheesecake Round 2

Remember when my mom was in town a few weeks ago and we made her some Margherita Risotto?? We figured since we don't have guests too often that we could splurge and have dessert that evening as well. She had raved a bit in the comment section of our mini cheesecake post about the dessert so we thought those would make a good dessert!

The mini cheesecake post can be found here. What's really fun about this recipe is there a "base" recipe for an original cheesecake and then all sorts of various "stir-in" ideas to customize your cheesecake. I imagine you could also come up with your own stir-in ideas too! For our first go at the mini cheesecakes we made an original and then a Mocha stir-in one. For our second go, on this particular evening with my mom, we made the Apple Pie stir-in (with cinnamon in the base recipe and then topped with sauteed apples) and the Chocolate Royale stir-in (with melted chocolate stirred in the base recipe). Here they are:

We find with the mini cheesecakes that a half-slice would be a decent portion. If we make two flavors then that's a quarter slice of each! I think we all liked the Apple Pie version best!

We'll keep you updated as continue to try the various stir-in ideas! What's your favorite cheesecake flavor??

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  1. Both of these were so good I could not pick a favorite. Thanks for fixing for me.