Meal Plan Monday Post

This weekend was not a routine weekend for meal-planning because Whitney had her wisdom teeth removed on Friday morning, and her mom stayed with us Thursday-Sunday to care for her. This would be why the meal plan gets a little vague after Wednesday. Whitney was on a diet of soft foods while her mom and I fended for ourselves. She had me pick out what I wanted for the CSA box this week which was bok choy, spinach, and eggs, and I made good use of the veggies over the weekend while she was out of commission. Things went as smoothly as they could but it made me appreciate when she keeps us on a good meal plan the whole week!

Meal Plan for Monday April 28 - Sunday May 4

   Monday - Fake bake
   Tuesday - Pumpkin ravioli with browned butter and sage
   Wednesday - Pork schnitzel with sweet potato
   Thursday - Mom in town; maybe eat out?
   Friday - Pasta of some sort?
   Saturday - Patrick to get something from grocery
   Sunday - Salmon cakes

   Monday - as planned
   Tuesday - as planned
   Wednesday - as planned
   Thursday - California Pizza Kitchen dinner with Mom and Glenda
   Friday - Baked chicken breast with bok choy and couscous (Mom and Patrick)
   Saturday - Patrick had concert
   Sunday - Whitney had pureed spinach and potato, Patrick had tortellini with spinach

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  1. I was so glad to be there and help Patrick look after Whitney. She was a good patient. And the chicken, bok choy, and couscous that Patrick made was delicious. Whitney, I know you will be glad when you can eat regular foods again.