French Toast

There have been a few posts recently detailing ways in which we are trying to efficiently use all of our food. We're not always so successful and do end up with some food waste. This is one of the reasons we have our throw together meals. Why buy something for a new meal when we have everything we need for one already?

I've mentioned recently that we're figured out how to not waste ricotta (first use - savory dinner; second use to reduce waste - breakfast!).  Well another food product that poses thoughtful planning for using all of it up - sandwich buns. I like to plan a sandwich in our meal plan every now and then but it's hard to account for all 6 buns in the bag! If only there was packaging for couples...

What we learned from ricotta we applied to buns! Make the second use breakfast! Sometimes I do toast the buns and then put them in the food processor to make bread crumbs but we don't use bread crumbs a whole lot so this isn't always practical for leftover buns.

Wondering what we did with our buns?! We made french toast! We had leftover brioche rolls from Sloppy Joes and they were a perfect mix to break up boring weekday breakfasts of cereal and bagels.

I'm sure everyone has a basic french toast recipe. For ours, I sliced the buns into 1" thick slices then soaked each side in an egg mixture (2 eggs mixed with cinnamon and 1/2&1/2 -- I forgot vanilla!) before placing them into a buttered hot pan. Cooked each side until lightly browned and served with a dusting of powdered sugar.

Easy Throw Together French Toast
What do you do with leftover buns??

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  1. Like you try not to have any waste; sometimes I make bread crumbs or croutons.