Meal Plan Monday Post

Here's our meal plan from last week! Again it was a little hard to put the proposed and actual in the post because as plans were made I would continuously bump meals around. This is one reason I love having the meal plans and doing grocery shopping ahead of time! If our plans change for a certain day then I know we'll be able to have that planned meal the following night. So here's what we did last week...

Meal Plan for Monday May 12 - Sunday May 18

   Monday - Out with friends to Cowfish
   Tuesday - Chinese chicken salad
   Wednesday - Pumpkin risotto with fried sage leaves
   Thursday - Chicken and kale hand pies
   Friday - Date night: dinner and DPAC show
   Saturday - Baked oatmeal // Pimento cheese sandwiches and strawberries // Dinner at Town Hall Burger
   Sunday - Crepes with fresh strawberries and bacon // Chicken salad, prosciutto crackers, and blueberries // Spinach pasta with tomatoes

Lots of new recipes! The Chinese chicken salad was one of our favorites. It's light and refreshing; a perfect entree salad for this warmer weather. The pumpkin risotto was made because I had one last frozen pumpkin puree from the winter that I wanted to use up. I look forward to making this pumpkin risotto as a side dish during the winter holidays. The hand pies were a fun twist on homemade Hot Pockets! All these recipes will be featured on the blog soon with more of our cooking comments!


  1. Such interesting new recipes. I am really into kale now. But fried sage leaves - haven't heard of that.

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