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This week was our last CSA box of the fall / winter season. The farm has certainly kept our refrigerator full of wonderful produce and we will miss it. Our CSA allows us to select what's in our box each week and we are not required to use our weekly allotment if we don't want to (alternately we can choose to go over - whatever we want to do!). There were a few weeks during the fall / winter season where I got a smaller amount of produce and then we also we skipped a few weeks when we went on vacation. Therefore as the season has ended we have had extra credit that we needed to use for the CSA or we would lose it. Needless to say our refrigerator has been overflowing and it has been giving me something extra to consider in meal planning - using up what's already in the fridge before the new CSA box came! As I look at the meal plan we're sharing for the past week nearly everything has something from the fridge that we needed to "use up".

We also had the pleasure of receiving a box of fresh oranges from Florida. One of our neighbors has a child in the high school band and they sell fruit as a fundraiser - Patrick knows to order us a box each fall and we're always so happy when it's delivered!

We'll be in the kitchen using the rest of our last CSA box until Christmas. We hope you have a joyous holiday however you celebrate!

Meal Plan for Monday December 14 - Sunday December 20

Monday - Ricotta cheese pizza with balsamic roasted tomatoes, salad
Tuesday - Salmon, steamed broccoli, quinoa-rice blend
Wednesday - Dinner & a Movie Date Night: Dinner @ Zinburger and then Hunger Games 3.2 
Thursday- Taco salad
Friday - Leftovers
Saturday - Breakfast Peanut butter and chocolate banana crepes
   Lunch Kale salad with roasted beets, cottage cheese, oranges
   Dinner Chicken and tatsoi stir fry
Sunday - Breakfast Huevos rancheros-style grits
   Lunch Thai turkey chili
   Dinner Pork loin with arugula-quinoa salad and butternut squash

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  1. Such good menu planning - all sounds delicious.