Oatmeal and biscotti

We have a favorite baked oatmeal recipe with one big problem: by the time we decide to make it, and then prep it and bake it, I'm super hangry and half the day has been wasted. This was the big motivation to start experimenting more with stovetop oatmeal. The main difference is that you have to cook it in boiling water instead of slowly in the oven with milk, so you lose some of the tastiness of the milk base and it's easier to cook it improperly and end up with tasteless runny mush.

But if you cook with just enough water and just enough time and add delicious mix-ins, you can get a really good result in less than 15 minutes total. The one pictured below was pretty much a direct imitation of the baked oatmeal recipe along with a splash of half and half. I've also experimented with pecans, peanut butter, crunchy granola, and chocolate.

This post also features some tasty hazelnut biscotti that Whitney picked up from Ninth Street Bakery. I was initially leery of them as I thought the texture would be too dry, hard, and crunchy for my liking, but I found that they are awesome when you dip them in coffee and couldn't get enough. All in all we had a great breakfast that day!