Cheese ravioli

Well it looks like Mother Nature was waiting for the calendar to turn to a new month before rolling out a new weather pattern! Our Thanksgiving was unseasonable warm and now it seems like we're back on track weather-wise for this time of year.

Even though we had a few cold streaks throughout fall it's been mostly warm and moderate. This means our CSA farm box was able to offer summer produce for a little longer than usual. You may remember that a few weeks ago we were able to get yellow squash and made this squash and fontina casserole. That left some fontina cheese hanging out in the refrigerator.

When Patrick and I decided the following weekend that ravioli would be delightful I rummaged through the refrigerator to see what would go well into our filling. The fontina won the filling contest and went into our cheese ravioli. We've made cheese ravioli before so I was loosely basing it off that. This was one of our best raviolis to date! We finally feel like we're over the learning curve hump and can make a good product that doesn't bust while cooking, the pasta is the right consistency, and everything turns out well.

We served our cheese ravioli on a bed of arugula with roasted cherry tomatoes and garlic then finished with a balsamic glaze.

Apparently the was the fontina that just keeps giving! There was some cheese filling leftover from the ravioli so I put it on toast and made egg-in-the-holes the next day for breakfast.

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