Wellness Wednesday - Block Party

It's time for a neighborhood block party! A few weeks ago we shared this recipe for thumbprint cookies. I served the cookies at a planning get-together for the block party. I knew that input from our neighbors would be needed because I didn't really know how to throw a block party! Turns out the neighbors didn't either but we were able to bounce all our ideas off one another and figure out logistics. And now we all know how to successfully throw a block party!

I placed two rounds of invitations in everyone's mailbox - the first was about a month and a half before the event and was essentially a "save the date" flyer and the second was the official invitation with all the details. This official invitation included a link to a personalized sign up genius site. We planned the block party as a picnic potluck and the sign up genius allowed everyone to login, RSVP for the block party, and designate a dish they would bring to the party.

The food spread did not disappoint! There were all sorts of fruits and vegetable sides, savory sides including potato salad and chips and dips, some yummy main dishes including sloppy joes and roast chicken, and of course some delicious sweet desserts.

One neighbor even rolled their grill to the cul de sac and grilled hot dogs for everyone!

The turnout was amazing! I couldn't believe how many neighbors wanted to come to the block party. We had one neighbor who has able to contribute a speaker and music for the event and another set of neighbors who brought lawn games that we set up in the cul de sac. Even though there were a few of us who planned a bit more everyone helped out on the day of with set up and clean up. What a great community we're in! It was an afternoon of great fun and merriment. I'm hoping we can do it again in the fall when the weather is a bit cooler.

Since Patrick and I bought our house and are settling into our neighbor we thought it would be very beneficial to know our neighbors on more than a "wave and say hello when you walk by" basis. This promotes our social wellness as well because we are developing more meaningful relationships with those around us.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I love this idea and looking at the pics. I want to come to your next block party!