Homemade pasta with beets and arugula

The plan for this meal was simply "beet pasta" which left me the option of either integrating the beets into the pasta dough or making normal pasta served with beets. I chose the latter for a few reasons. First, pasta dough is finicky enough when it's just egg and water; adding in beets with all of their water and fiber throws another wrench in that can make the process more frustrating. Second, there's not much advantage to beet pasta over regular pasta; it seems like a lot of the color (and probably the nutrition too) leeches into the water when boiling, leaving you with a pink version of regular pasta that was harder to make. Third, I enjoy eating whole pieces of beet with my pasta.

So the choice was obvious, and I got to further refine my pasta-making skills with a simple egg/flour fettucine while we roasted the beets on the side. I turned out great!

As for what specifically we did, we made pasta, and probably made a sauce out of some olive oil, pasta water, and parmesan cheese. Then we tossed the hot pasta with arugula and roasted beets.

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  1. Your homemade pasta is always so good!!!