Meal Plan Monday Post

It's been a busy week around here! We did lots of cooking and enjoyed some new and old recipes this week. My mom came to visit at the end of the week and we were glad she was able to come. Not only was there lots of cooking this week but lots of preserving too. We got 40 ears of corn from our CSA that we froze in 2 cup portions and then a 10 pound box of canning tomatoes at the State Farmers Market that we froze in 3 cup portions.

Meal Plan for Monday July 13 - Sunday July 19

Monday - Orecchiete with roma beans

Tuesday - Eggplant pizza with homemade dough
Thursday - I went to an evening tomato canning class and picked up Wendy's as a late dinner for us
Friday - Dinner club; brought a pesto pasta 
Saturday - Brunch Savory mushroom and spinach crepes
   Dinner Movie [Pitch Perfect 2 at the Varsity] and a dinner [Spicy 9]double date
Sunday - Breakfast Bacon and eggs, toast, cherry tomatoes with basil
   Dinner Tomato Pie and salad

Farmers Market find
Aren't these mini bell peppers too cute?!

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  1. I was lucky enough to be there for the Wed night meal and Sat brunch. Both delicious!!!!